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The Setting/Mary From Dungloe

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The Setting/Mary From Dungloe
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 The Setting
(Ralph McTell)

I'll never forget the walk to the
station, Me with your suitcase
being brotherly and strong.
And trying to make light of the
whole situation, In light conversation
we moved through the throng
And you with your bright
eyes and best dress for travelling
And me in my work clothes,
unshaven and plain, I fully
intended to put in the half day,
But my good intentions went
with you on the train.

And I never looked back as
the train left the station,
Crossed over the roadway and
 into the park, And there
in a bar an old man was singing,
And I sat there drinking until
it got dark.
And above me the stars were all
hidden by rain clouds, The song
of the old man still was locked in my
brain, And all emigration, the curse
of a nation the setting now fitting
his sad sweet refrain.
And above all the roar of the
town was the blue sky, I heard
 the birds singing for the
dawning of the day And there was
no support from the city
forthcoming, No sympathy
numbing your going away.
arr. Show Of Hands

 Mary From Dungloe
(trad. arr.  Show of Hands)

So fare ye well, sweet Donegal,
the Rosses and Gweedore.
 crossing the main ocean,
where plunging billows roar,
 breaks my heart for us to part,
where we spent many happy days.
Faraway from friends and relations
for I'm bound for Amerikay.
And I wish I was in sweet Dungloe
all seated on the grass. By my side
a bottle and on my knee a lass.
I'd call for liquor of the best
 I'd pay before I go and I'd
roll my Mary in my arms
 in the town of sweet Dungloe.

Show Of Hands

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