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Road Goes On Forever RGF CD 012 1992
Recorded: June/July 1992 at the
                Ice House, Yeovil
Producer: Phil Beer

Sergio Avila - Bombo, Kena, Kenacho, Moceno, Zampona

Phil Beer - Fiddle, Guitarra, Mandolin

Mauricio Venegas - Bombo, Chajchas, Charango, Congas, Guitarra, Kena, Maracas, Moceno, Percussion, Zampona

Steve Knightley - Cello-mandolin

Vladimir Vega - Charango, Kena, Tiple, Zampona

Dave Townsend - Accordion, Concertina

  1. "Morna" (Steve Knightley) / "Tobin's Favourite" (Trad)
  2. "Ojos Azules" (Trad) / "Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy" (Trad)
  3. "Ay Paloma" (Mauricio Venegas)
  4. "Man Of War" (Steve Knightley)
  5. "Nuca Llacta" (Trad)
  6. "Surtierra" (Mauricio Venegas)
  7. "Buttered Peas" (Trad) / "Carnival" (Steve Knightley)
  8. "Shallow Brown" (Trad) / "Elegva" (Mauricio Venegas)
  9. "Tall Ships" (Steve Knightley)
  10. "Idbury Hill" (Trad)/"Carnavolito" (Trad)
  11. "List For A Sailor" (Trad)
  12. "Santiago" (Steve Knightley)

Alianza 1992
Road Goes On Forever RGF CD 012 1992

Alianza was a unique Anglo-Chilean collaboration between three English musicians, Steve Knightley, Phil Beer, and Dave Townsend, and three exiled Chilean musicians, Sergio Avila, Mauricio Venegas and Vladimir Vega. The group sought out the common rhythms, themes and melodies to produce a blend of songs in English, songs in Spanish and songs in both languages ,and dance music from both sides of the Atlantic. The group produced one album Alianza in 1992, which included a number of songs that later became part of the repertoire of Show of Hands, the acoustic roots duo formed by Steve Knightley and Phil Beer.

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