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Folk Music

Meanwhile Somewhere In The West Country
Show Of Hands
Show Of Hands Live
Beat About The Bush
Lie of the Land
Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Dark Fields
The Warlike Lads Of Russia
Folk Music
Cold Frontier
Cold Cuts
The Path
Country Life
Country Life Video
Hidden Voices Rural Disadvantage
As You Were
The Setting/Mary From Dungloe
Witness Sample Shop
If I Needed Someone
Innocent's Song
Stairway to Devon
South Australia 2001
Live at the Farnham Maltings 2006
Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2007
Show Of Hands Side Projects
Tour Dates
Track Of Words
Western Approaches
Cruel River

  1. John Riley
  2. Broomfield Hill
  3. All Things Are Quite Silent
  4. Lonesome Stockade Blues
  5. Mary From Dungloe
  6. Down In Yon Forest
  7. je ne sais quoi (Steve Knightley) /le beouf anglais (Gareth Turner)
  8. Digging Down (lyrics by Mark Glover)
  9. Matt Hyland
  10. The Train (Steve Knightley) /Blackwaterside

Folk Music 1998
Hands On Music HMCD05 1998

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